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In 2011, NavInfo bought out Holland’s MapScape, a world leading provider of digital map compilation services, and thus obtained the professional abilities of navigation system solutions and digital maps compilation, further extending toward the industrial chain. MapScape is the world's largest provider of navigation map compilation services, and also the leader in the field of NDS navigation map production and services. Presently, NavInfo has integrated MapScape resources and is able to provide customers with digital map compilation, testing, and certification services, and has become the world's first integrated provider of NDS maps from production to compilation.
  • Compilation services:
    - Digital map compilation:
    NavInfo provides mapping services to meet the demand from the global market. It can compile data of different specifications for map suppliers around the globe into the format customized by the users, to meet the need of the auto factories and OEM suppliers. After compiled by NavInfo, the data will be standardized, removed of any redundancy, and compressed to make it suitable for a variety of storage media.
    - Compilation of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) (Note 1) maps:
    The role of map in vehicle driving is getting beyond simple navigation and further serves intelligent driving assistance purposes, and thereby improves the driving experience. ADAS system combines the sensors with the digital map, makes the driver better informed of any imminent situation, and also provides a basis for the vehicle to automatically adjust lighting, suspension, brakes, fuel consumption, etc.
    Since ADAS map contains road shape, topology, and other advanced properties such as road grade, curve curvature, number of lanes and speed limits data, it proposes higher requirements on compilation and verification. NavInfo has obtained the capability to compile ADAS digital maps.
    Note 1: ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System. The system relies on the various vehicle-mounted sensors to sense the surrounding environment, collects data and carries out systematic calculations and analyses in combination with the high-precision digital map so as to make the driver aware of possible dangers and effectively increase the comfortableness and safety of automobile driving.
    Note 2: ADAS map: High precision and highly up-to-date map that supports ADAS functions. Compared with ordinary maps, ADAS map has more timely content, higher precision, and includes road shape, topology, and other advanced attributes such as road grade, curve curvature, number of lanes, speed limits data, and other information.

    - Compilation of NDS maps:
    Since the inception of NDS Association (Navigation Data Standard Association) (see Note) in 2006, NavInfo has been cooperating with MapScape in development effort of NDS map data, and successfully produced the world's first NDS navigation map for commercial application in 2012, which was applied to BMW cars sold in China. Thus, NavInfo became the world's first enterprise that provides NDS Map data services, and can provide the whole range of services from data fusion, compilation, verification, to testing
    Note: NDS Association: established under the leadership of international mainstream auto manufacturers and system operators (such as BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Alpine, Garmin, Harman Becker, Bosch, NAVTEQ, TeleAtlas, NavInfo, etc.), aiming to make joint efforts to develop the specifications for a new Navigation Data Standard (NDS) suitable for the future development of automobile manufacturers, system suppliers and map suppliers, so as to improve the efficiency of navigation map use, reduce the cost, and promote the popularity of navigation products
  • Testing and validation services:
    NavInfo uses its own proprietary tools platform “dHive” to carry out testing and verification of the data based on standard ETL process (extraction, transformation, and loading).
    Extraction:NavInfo can extract map data of different formats from different sources and transfer the data to dHive database.
    Transformation: When the data has been transferred to dHive database, NavInfo can easily edit the data and at the same time check the quality of the data, and automatically carry out data validation.
    Loading:After processing and validation, the data can be transformed to the final NDS format.