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NavInfo purchased CenNavi Technologies Co., Ltd., China’s leading dynamic traffic information service provider in 2007, and took the lead in achieving commercial services nationwide. The Company has China's largest floating car data platform and dozens of core technology patents. Its high-quality services has been reliably running on 7*24 hour basis for five consecutive years, cover more than 30 major cities and part of the trunk highways in China, and assist millions of users for their traveling per day.
NavInfo is committed to providing more accurate and more detailed products and services that cover a wider range. By supplementing the existing navigation map with more contents such as traffic flow and forecast information, historical traffic information, event information, simple graphical information, dynamic parking lots, etc., it enables the users to use a variety of travel-related information more conveniently, help save travel duration, and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Traffic flow and forecast information: Provide the traffic flow information in the designated area with designated road grade. The traffic flow information includes: real-time information, short-term forecast information, and long-term forecast information.
  • Historical traffic information: Provide users with travel routes reference, expected arrival time, and other related services on the basis of historical traffic information. Historical data specification: the historical average speed in 24 hours per day, seven days per week in the designated road section or designated location.
  • Events information: Timely and accurately broadcast or remove events information that affects traffic, such as: traffic accidents, highway reverse driving, road construction (including speed limits and construction safety distance), road closures, hazard warning, etc.
  • Simple graphical traffic information: In addition to the traditional forms of traffic information, CenNavi also displays the above various types of traffic information in the form of simple graphics. The simple graphics provide real-time traffic flow and events information of intercity highways, urban expressways, and urban important roads with simple and clear graphics. The graphical screen is tidy with easily understandable contents, clear and easily recognizable road information.
  • Parking information: Timely and accurately broadcast real-time information such as the parking lot status, name of the parking space, total number of available lots, and other basic information.
  • Travel information: Provide nationwide weather, flights, and other travel-related information.