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NavInfo has established an “Internet of Cars” application system that covers passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
The “Internet of Cars” business is one of NavInfo’s core businesses. The Company has been continuously increasing the investment for research and development of the related technologies of the “Internet of Cars” since 2009, and launched its own “Internet of Cars” business brand “FunDrive” in 2011. The Company has a professional “Internet of Cars” platform development and operation team, possesses map qualifications, as well as a full set of operation qualifications including ICP, ISP, etc. NavInfo has established a comprehensive CP cooperation and management mechanism, and signed cooperation agreements with a number of content providers.
To meet the different needs of customers, NavInfo provides: customized platform building, content management, navigation services, and one-stop solutions for the operation and maintenance of “Internet of Cars”, which has been well received by many customers at home and abroad.

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  • Platform building: NavInfo uses its independently owned open-ended, module-based, and layered platform to provide rich information content and module interfaces, and offers solutions with a variety of function combinations to partners and end users.
  • Content management: NavInfo has signed contracts with more than 2,500 content suppliers covering 15 major categories of businesses including news, weather, stocks, parking lots, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.; and applies CP (Content Providers) to the management and integration of its platform to achieve the introduction, cleansing, aggregation, release, monitoring and management of the multi-source CP data.
  • Navigation services: provides high-quality map display, POI search, route calculation, real-time traffic and other information to provide the best driving program for car travel.
  • Operation and maintenance of the “Internet of Cars”: NavInfo has its professional operation and maintenance team; experience in the operation and maintenance of large-scale projects; and broad customers coverage including Audi, BMW and many other internationally renowned enterprises. It has a standardized operation and maintenance system and has provided the full set of operation and maintenance system for Audi’s Telematics services. NavInfo has built four important IDC control rooms in Beijing, Shenyang, and Shanghai, and has rich experience in the management of control rooms.
  • One-stop “Internet of Cars” solutions: NavInfo provides users with the whole package of services including preliminary design, development, construction, integration, late-stage tests, and operation of projects. It can also provide customized services, such as mobile phones APP, portal websites, etc.
  • Currently, the company has provided or is about to provide services for the “Internet of Cars” projects of domestic and international mainstream auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Great Wall, etc. In 2012, the BMW smart driving control system (iDrive III) was equipped with part of the “Fun Driving” functions, which represented an important milestone for NavInfo in its commercial applications of ”Internet of Cars” services.