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NavInfo--Dai Donghai: Mass production of Multi-conditional road automatic driving will be achieved in 2020 2016/10/20
What is NavInfo doing? 2016/10/20
5th Open Auto Drive Forum on October 14, 2016 2016/10/20
[Sina] Structure adjustment of Baidu: the map business is spun off into the LBS Division 2012/10/10
[ChinaByte] Nuance provides mobile devices with Dragon ID voiceprint verification 2012/6/7
[Sina Auto] GM announced its alliance with PSA Peugeot - Citroen 2012/3/1
[]China M2MUN Hou Fangyu: the Internet of Vehicles is about to develop explosively 2012/2/14
[] GLONASS is in Service, 2011 Navigation Industry Keywords 2011/12/8
[New Beijing Newspaper] Internet Map Service to be Ruled By Law and Cartographic Satellite to be Launched January, 2012 2011/11/18
[] The First Conference of China Internet of Vehicle 2011/10/20
[] The White Book of Mobile Internet and Satellite Application Industry Map is Published 2011/9/1
[3sNews] American Scientist Upgrades GPS Accuracy to CM Level 2011/8/18
[] Japan’s GPS in-vehicle upgrade for reducing emissions and measuring CO2 2010/5/19
[ITS] NAVTEQ in UK offers real-time traffic information services 2010/4/15
[People's Daily]China builds satellite-ground incorporated information services 2010/4/12
[3News]Analysis shows smart phones in Asia will occupy 39% market shares in global market by 2015 2010/3/19
[MyDrivers] Nokia and Alpine will Corporate on the Ovi Navigation in-vehicle (with picture) 2010/3/4
[]China launched the third Beidou navigation satellite to develop domestic GPS 2010/1/18
[] NAVTEQ Will Expand Its Coverage of GPS Traffic Applications in Europe 2009/9/9
[China Space News] China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was awarded Class-A honor for five consecutive years and ranked within top 10 for the first time 2009/8/7
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