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【3sNews】NavInfo Released a LBS app—Nearby, and the Incremental Update Created a New Model of Online Vehicle Map Update

NavInfo User Group 2013, with “precision map and cross application” as the theme, was held in Sofitel Wanda Beijing. At the conference, NavInfo shared with the participants its achievements in core business fields over the past year, including vehicle navigation map, LBS, car networking and GIS industry solutions, and presented thoughts and outlook on the future development.

First released the mobile Internet application—“the Nearest”

The development of mobile Internet has promoted the prosperity of LBS. NavInfo, as the leading provider of navigable map data with certain advantages for the most fundamental location data at hand, has been always paid great attention to its way to enter the mobile Internet field.

At the User Group, NavInfo showed theanswer, that is to first release the mobile Internet application—“the Nearest”, which is an accurate living information broadcasting platform based on location, time and individual needs. An Tao, General Manager of NavInfo API and Advertising Department, said that this application can help public users acquire commercial information related to their location and consuming behaviors easily and quickly, and provide the commercial users with solutions to ensure the accurately-matched advertising information can be offered to the target customers. The new model works by integrating the advantageous industrial resources, accurate marketing information, commercial media resources as well as other valuable information and platforms, through its own technical means like GIS, LBS and user behavior analysis.  It can be expected to replace the traditional mobile advertising model, due to the higher efficiency, accuracy and lower cost. NavInfo has also signed the cooperation agreements with People Digital and Bosheng Advanced Technology to integrate the advantages of the three parties in digital map, media resources and offline contents so as to actively promote the operation of the Nearest and the development of O2O business. The cooperation will surely change the mobile Internet advertising model and create a new O2O business model by transforming the advertisements into the living information in demand

As reported, People Digital has already had over 20,000 newspaper columns and the number is still  growing at a rate of tens of thousand columns per year. According to the cooperation agreement, the embedded application of the Nearest can bring the Nearest about an increase of 20 million user browsers and in return, the Nearest can also create greater advertising value for the newspaper column of People’s Daily. Both parties hope to develop into the largest outdoor digital media channel in 3-5 years. As a traditional offline content provider with sound products and services, Bosheng Advanced Technology will ensure the most accurate LBS application and provide more preferential products and services through the cooperation with NavInfo.  

Incremental Update creates a new model of online vehicle map update

In addition to releasing the mobile Internet application-the Nearest at the User Group, NavInfo also held the Incremental Update Media Communication to  introduce the new online update model of vehicle navigable map data  systematically .

According to the introduction, the Incremental Update is enabled based on the advanced map production and management system of NavInfo, and through further integration and development with telematics technology. It can ensure the map update with smaller size, faster transmission and more effective coverage, and enable the navigation data always to be the latest, thus avoiding poor navigation experience due to the out-of-date data. It is a significant innovation of navigable map production and update technology in China.    

The Incremental Update service has already been applied in the high-end Lexus model launched in April 2013, which ensures that the vehicle navigation system can automatically check the currently-used map after the vehicle starts; if the map data is not the latest, the navigation system will automatically update the data of the expressways in China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and the data of surrounding roads and within the 20KM*20KM radius of the destination set by the vehicle owner. It is understood that data of any new expressway will be updated in one month, and then the users will be prompted by highlighting the updated expressways.
NavInfo vice president He Ling introduced the status quo and difficulties of the map data update as well as the value of incremental update service to the media in site. He said timely update of navigable map would be particularly important under the circumstances of rapid urban construction and quick change of roads in China. The incremental update can update the map data at any time once it changes, but not only reduce the time  for going to the 4S stores and save the money.  

NavInfo vice president Lai Fengfu  gave a detailed presentation to show the production process of update map data and the technical advantages of NavInfo. He said the cycle of map production and update has been greatly shortened by quickly detecting the changes, acquiring data on a focus basis, compiling rapidly and releasing online. At present, NavInfo has successfully established a set of production system for incremental update, and will release monthly an incremental update data package based on the four versions of map data per year. Meanwhile, NavInfo offered a solution to the fusion between  the incremental data and existing data, ensuring more smooth use of the updated navigable map.

Both the official release of the Nearest and the media communication on the Incremental Update indicated the efforts and achievements of NavInfo in new business development and innovation of map technology, and witnessed the transformation of NavInfo.

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