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[Sina] Structure adjustment of Baidu: the map business is spun off into the LBS Division

 Evening news on October 10 the Baidu map division has been spun off into the LBS (Location Based Services) Division as one of the two divisions in Baidu. This means that Baidu will put in more efforts in LBS. The Baidu LBS Division still answers to the Vice President Wang Mengqiu.In spite of doubts about the business prospects of Baidu’s mobile strategy, the company continues to move ahead at its own pace. The latest measure it took is to adjust Baidu’s map business.

Under the plan being implemented, Baidu’s map-related divisions will be spun off and upgraded to the LBS Division. The new division, which covers products, technologies and operations, will be in full charge of technological development, product upgrading, and business expansion of Baidu’s map PC as well as mobile Internet terminals.Then, Baidu LBS Division and Baidu Mobile Cloud Division form Baidu’s two structural divisions.It is revealed that the new Baidu LBS Division remains under the charge of the original Baidu map leaders, but official appointments have yet to be announced. One thing is for sure, the division will continue to answer for Baidu’s Vice President of Technology Wang Mengqiu. Having worked apart from the Baidu Campus, the team is expected to move to a new site for office.
According to the recruitment information from the official Baidu website, from this mid-March on, Baidu LBS Search, LBS Product Marketing and other divisions have launched large recruitment campaigns for over 60 posts. Positions actively recruited include the algorithm strategy R & D engineers, LBS cloud service R & D engineers, data mining R & D engineers, etc.On the recruitment website of Baidu LBS Search, you can see clearly that “feel the ardent entrepreneurial-team enthusiasm unique to the large company, take part in the hand-to-hand fighting for mobile Internet products in the front line.” This provides clues about what stance Baidu LBS adopts on entering the industrial competition.
A Baidu press conference is scheduled next week to announce strategic LBS planning and initiate related programs like Weibo Life. Details remain obscure. But it is clear that Baidu will change from a basic map service provider to a new competitor of the entire LBS sector.
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