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[ChinaByte] Nuance provides mobile devices with Dragon ID voiceprint verification

 Nuance communications company (NASDAQ: NUAN) has released its Dragon ID voiceprint verification technology that enables people to unlock mobile devices with consumer electronics devices easily and quickly. With simple words or phrases provided by Dragon ID, manufacturers can log in to the mobile phones, tablets, applications or PCs in a safe and personalized way.

People rely on mobile phones to store contact information, messages, office and personal emails, notes, pictures, and confidential documents. They log in to the devices simply by entering complicated pass codes and PINs that are usually left without password protection. According to the latest Nuance survey, 96% of the interviewees said errors usually occurred at the time of pass code entry on their mobile phones.

Thanks to Dragon ID, people have the liberty to “forget” the pass codes; a simple pass code or passphrase will suffice to wake up and log on to the device safety and easily. For example, you can simply say “hi, Dragon” to open the device safely, and even a personalized homepage with your favorite applications and contents. The new technology can also be used with the tablets, PCs and other shared devices.
Dragon ID makes the mobile devices more intelligent, enabling them to identify users through the voice, or more specifically, by voiceprint. In fact, the Nuance voice print verification has been widely adopted by the globally advanced companies, carriers, banks, and governmental institutions. The number of registered voiceprints has run into over 20 million throughout the world.
According to Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Nuance Michael Thompson, the consumer devices and the usage experience they provide are so personal that they cry for stricter security. Nuance develops the creative technology of Dragon ID to further intensify personalized mobile experience, enable people to protect and log on to their devices through their unique voices, and to ensure the safety of what they depend on each day.
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