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Navinfo ranked on the list of "The Most Respected Listed Companies by Investors in 2017"

 The result of selecting "The Most Respected Listed Companies by Investors in 2017" was officially announced on April 8, and Navinfo together with hundreds of listed companies was honored for it. The activity was sponsored by China Association for Public Companies together with SIPF, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Securities Association of China, Asset Management Association of China and China Securities Investor Services Center. After several links like review by Expert Committee, the most respected listed companies were produced by real-name votes of 5,389 individual investors, investors of 592 general agencies and investors of 153 specialist agencies.

"The result generated through vote showed that the listed companies with innovative spirit and courage to bring forth new ideas would be more valued by investors," expressed by Wang Jianzhou - chairman of China Association for Public Companies, "companies" own efforts and supports from all aspects are necessary for innovation of listed companies. Investors" support for innovation will energize listed companies to increase their efforts, to improve company quality and business performance through innovation.

2017 was a year key for transformation of Navinfo, and a wonderful year for innovation. Driven by a series of innovative technology like brand new 3G platform of FastMap, Navinfo promoted its competitive power of navigation map products and released ADAS map data covering 800,000km in 2017, which kept its leading position in the market of front loading vehicle-mounted navigation in China. Furthermore, the company made great achievements in the frontier fields such as big data, connected car and autonomous driving. After the company"s complete acquisition of AutoChips, its industry chain extended to key links of chips and the business strategy layout of "five-sphere integrated plan" was finished. Development is driven with creating "intelligent automobile brain" as a core strategic direction.

Meng Qingxin - secretary of Navinfo Board of Directors mentioned "Trust and support given by investors to Navinfo lays a foundation for the courage to break through and power to innovate. It is the company"s responsibility to share the fruits of innovation and development with investors."

Since listing, the company has been rewarding shareholders for 6 consecutive years by 276 million cash dividend and 567 million shares increased by transferring. Moreover, the information disclosure of the company has been appraised Grade "A" for 7 consecutive years by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company has built multi-channel and diversified communication modes for investors, including direct line, fax, e-mail and message, etc. The amount of annual average replies to problems raised by investors, receipt of investment organizations and investors is respectively 500 (approximately), over 200 and over 300.

Since the establishment, the company is always on the way of integrating business development and social responsibility. At the same time of fully leading the industry technology development, it also endeavors to force national strategy of scientific and technological power. In 2017, MineData location big data platform was released officially by Navinfo, following which a bunch of solutions were provided for various government-enterprise aspects such as traffic police, traffic, public security, logistics, insurance, weather, operator and urban planning. At the end of 2017, MineData cooperated with The Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of Guizhou Province to upgrade "Poverty Alleviation Cloud" platform throughout Guizhou and practice a new mode of Internet + scientific targeted poverty alleviation in a new way, which brought new big data view for targeted poverty alleviation in Guizhou, targeting poverty alleviation as guided by big data application.

The last ten years have seen Navinfo"s persistence on public welfare establishments, which is developed into a significant component of enterprise culture. Navinfo has "scientific and technological innovation" rooted in its gene. The company always attaches importance to the development of adolescent education, keeps a watchful eye on the healthy growth of adolescents, has sent employees to visit the Children Rehabilitation Center and donated materials and equipment needed by rehabilitation for many times; directing at rural and impoverished mountainous areas, the company has donated winter goods and school supplies for poor primary schools; the company often holds the faith that every child should receive equal and high quality education. In the past two years, Navinfo has successively aided the construction of two Hope Primary Schools in Hebei Xinglong County and Heilongjiang Tangyuan County by CYDF, and will continue and increase its contribution to public welfare.

Chairman Wang Jianzhou said that, fulfilling social responsibilities and promoting sustainable development is becoming an important criterion for measuring and evaluating listed companies. Environment, society and governance are becoming important considerations in investment decisions. It is seen from the above results that listed companies that actively fulfil social responsibilities are strongly supported by investors.

Navinfo will continue to adhere to the idea to create value for shareholders and society. Guided by this, Navinfo will constantly strengthen the enterprise business and management, improve the protection level of investors, and focus on the innovation and development of product technology. Cooperate to succeed and work together for a glorious and prosperous tomorrow!

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