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Map data of Navinfo contributed in intelligent guide

 Recently, SVP Jin Shuixiang of NavInfo Co., Ltd. together with general manager He Xiaodi of Internet Project Department visited Guangzhou Lvji  Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and negotiation. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on map data and expressed their intention to establish strategic cooperation.

It is known that Lvji  is a leading enterprise in the tourism industry, achieving a lot in the intelligent guide field, which formerly reached a cooperation with more than 1,800 scenic areas and was highly recommended by Tencent later. Supported by a state-owned enterprise and invested by Tencent, Navinfo, a senior level enterprise among the existing map manufacturers in China, has accumulated rich experiences and large amount of data in the high-precision map field, and provided data services for Tencent Maps, Sogou Map and other brand maps. Detailed map data is still a focus of this negotiation between the two sides, which means the first union of detailed map data + intelligent guide.

CEO Zang Weizhong of Lvji  expressed: "Map data is like a runway, on which Lvji  and Navinfo are two athletes ready for cooperation instead of competition. Although Lvji  also has map data, the more detailed and rich map data of Navinfo can help Lvji  to improve in scenic area map data. Making perfection more perfect is   the  manner of Lvji!"

At the meeting, SVP Jin Shuixiang of NavInfo Co., Ltd. highly commended the achievements of Lvji  in the intelligent guide field. He made an affirmative disclosure of the wish of cooperation in many aspects, such as business development, derivative services.

Professionals of intelligent guide field commented, the cooperation between Lvji  and Navinfo will promote the formation of the strategic pattern of intelligent guide field, which will make other enterprises in the same field face enormous pressure.

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