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MediaTek to collaborate with NavInfo Bringing new semiconductor product portfolio to automotive industry

MediaTek announced its plan to bring holistic, fully integrated system solutions to the automotive industry on November 29. MediaTek expects its products centered on the automotive industry to begin rolling out in Q1 2017.     This is a significant move after MediaTek and NavInfo formed a relationship of strategic cooperation partnership and marks MediaTek, NavInfo and Autoships have reached the new crucial stage of sharing experience in and practicing of research and development.

MediaTek said, NavInfo will be more than an important partner in MediaTek’s future development blueprint. NavInfo’s acquisition of Autoships was just the first step of Strengthening NavInfo-MediaTek strategic relations. As the only company in the world with leading multimedia technologies across a broad range of display-inclusive products such as smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, OTT devices, wearables, Blu-ray players and a wide range of IoT products, MediaTek accumulated lots of experience and resources. And now, with NavInfo, MediaTek is ready to enter automotive semiconductor market and embrace the new opportunity autonomous vehicle revolution brings. At the same time, Autochips will continuously focus on In-Vehicle Infotainment SoC solutions which MediaTek will not directly or indirectly compete in the same or similar areas. Other than In-Vehicle Infotainment Semiconductor Product Portfolio, MediaTek will cooperate with NavInfo and Autochips on a priority basis.

NavInfo said, MediaTek moving to car semiconductor market is a vital measure for further tripartite cooperation. It will not only help Autochips to foster innovation, research and development, leveraging on NavInfo’s resources and advantages in the industry, MediaTek, NavInfo and Autochips are forming an interconnected group expanding the marketing jointly. After the acquisition of Autochips and formed a solid strategic partnership with MediaTek, NavInfo completes the “HAD Map + Chip + Algorithm + System Platform” holistic solutions for vehicle network and autonomous driving.

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