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NavInfo vehicle-mounted application solution was put into practice in FlyAudio
The NavInfo ecology of internet of vehicles gradually formed complete solution covering navigation data, real-time traffic information, self-independent automotive-specification operating system, self-independent interconnected mobile phone and vehicle, open platform of APP store and cloud service platform from the brand of “WeDrive” launched by NavInfo in the whole country firstly in 2011 to “WeDrive” launched jointly by NavInfo with Tencent in 2014 and to “WeDrive 2.0” launched in 2015.Nowadays, another one new member of NavInfo WeDrive product family is about to enter into commercial market formally, of which the brand-new vehicle-mounted application solution will conduct service embodiment on the blockbuster of FlyAudio Corporation – FlyAudio Gold G8 II Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Machine by the way of “WeDrive Assistant”.
Build ecological system of internet of vehicles with union of software and hardware and depth of cooperation
In recent years, people-vehicle interconnected concept gradually blends into owner’s life, while the internet of vehicles integrated with intelligent management, intelligent service and intelligent control is one branch of internet +, therefore, the construction and maintenance of internet of vehicles also become more concerned hotspot in the automobile industry.
FlyAudio navigation, as the leading enterprise of vehicle-mounted navigation industry, owns outstanding hardware production strength and has own opinion to the ecological construction of internet of vehicles. 4G top-speed internet access and powerful hardware configuration of FlyAudio Gold G8 II provided new operation platform for WeDrive Assistant, of which the vehicle-mounted machine hardware platform has close coordination with NavInfo vehicle-mounted service system to forge complete vehicle-interconnected product system.
Speech interaction of WeDrive Assistant triggers complete reform of service mode
WeDrive Assistant carries the latest vehicle-mounted speech solution of Sogou, a leading enterprise of domestic artificial intelligence. This technology can be understood with natural semantics fully by applying own speech recognition, speech synthesis and semantic understanding technologies of Sogou, which realized several-round interaction of people and machine to conduct complex dialogue just like talking with friends and freed two hands and eyes of owner in the driving process totally. In addition, WeDrive Assistant conducted optimization to vehicle-mounted environment, of which the precision speech recognition technology makes the recognition rate still maintain above 95% in the situation of open window as driving while the response time of speech recognition request is lower than 500ms.
The advanced speech interactive technology brings overall reform of service mode, which changes the traditional application-centered vehicle-mounted machine service mode into people-oriented vehicle-mounted machine service mode. So long as telling the requirements, the system can provide corresponding services automatically. WeDrive Assistant covered nine kinds of services under vehicle life scenes, including weather, music, FM, news, stock, navigation, violation, traffic control and urban activity, moreover, vehicle-mounted machine WeChat is available, the owner can obtain online information at any time to enjoy convenient interconnected social life fully.
People-oriented user-friendly operation experience and real-time online intelligent service response
WeDrive Assistant reduced usage cost at the greatest extent to focus the service on information itself by adopting card-type desktop management system without APP to get rid of multifarious submenu and realized that the card is information, what you see is what you get and sound production by clicking. No need to jump among various APPs frequently to enjoy safe, convenient and sweet vehicle-mounted information services.
It is presented by the form of light APP through extraction and fusion to the speech and content services. WeDrive Assistant is not a simple speech tool or a traditional vehicle-interconnected service, but an APP to provide all-around butler services of car, information, entertainment, social intercourse, safe driving, etc. for owner by the speech interactive mode from product function level.
WeDrive Assistant further embodied its strong advantages in vehicle-mounted service field through the cooperation with FlyAudio; and it also provided good reference foundation for the following-up span-vehicle-mounted machine and cross-platform mode through the software-hardware combination with vehicle-mounted machine.  
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