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2016 Summer Camp of Science and Technology of NavInfo Hope Primary School has perfectly ended

On August 24, the camp opening ceremony of “2016 Summer Camp of Science and Technology of NavInfo Hope Primary School" was held at China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF). 30 representatives of the teaching staff and students of NavInfo Hope Primary School (from Lengzuitou Village, BaGuaLing Township, Xinglong County, Hebei Province), the department minister of Hope Primary School of CYDF Mr. Yan Shi, the vice president of NavInfo Mr. Wu Hao, the marketing director Ms. Qi Yun, and volunteer representatives of NavInfo all attended the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, the department minister Mr. Yan Shi and Mr. Wu Hao has both delivered a speech, expressing their welcome and best wishes to teachers and students of the Hope Primary School. Later, Mr. Wu Hao awarded the summer camp flag to the representative of the Hope Primary School, and said that NavInfo will consistently carry on public welfare undertakings, effectively fulfill corporate social responsibility, and repay the community with love to make it become an important part of the corporate culture.
Volunteers of NavInfo also respectively brought books, stationery and other gifts to the children. To express their gratitude, the campers presented their handmade stickers to the guests as gifts, and at the same time, they also brought a dancing show.

NavInfo fulfills its social responsibility, and has been focused on the healthy growth of teenagers for a long time. In recent years, NavInfo visited Beijing Chenguang Children"s Rehabilitation Center for many times to send materials and equipment for the children urgently needed rehabilitation and conduct English enlightening teaching and music enlightening teaching for the children. For poor mountainous areas, as early as in 2011, the company has continued donated a lot of winter materials and study materials to poor primary school, and constantly supported and helped children in economic less-developed areas and remote areas. In 2015, NavInfo made a donation of 1 million yuan to CYDF, for the construction of two hope primary schools. Later, the company proposed to establish "Hope Project • NavInfo Special Fund" with CYDF, and promised to form a public welfare strategic partnership with CYDF to jointly contribute to the development of rural education.

Every child should have the right to grow happily with the opportunity to realize the dream; as a science and technology innovation-oriented enterprise, NavInfo deeply convinced that education changes the destiny, so it joins the public welfare undertakings, hoping to sow the seeds of love to pass love, happiness, and dream.

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