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NavInfo Map Cooperating with Tesla, New Member for Navigation of Luxury Vehicles

At present, China’s largest digital map provider NavInfo cooperated with American Tesla Company as its partner of navigation map in China. It is the first time for Tesla to provide vehicle navigation service in China. NavInfo also gets a new partner of luxury automobile brand after Bentley, Maserati, Porsche, BMW and Benz.

Tesla Company indicates that it is the same appeal of NavInfo and Tesla of bringing excellent experience for the users that achieves the cooperation between the two companies. NavInfo also indicates that as the first map data provider in China, its leading ability of map collection and formulation has been widely recognized within the industry. It is an important achievement for NavInfo to explore the field of new energy automobiles by providing navigation electronic map for Tesla. NavInfo has been in the leading position of the market of vehicle navigation map in China for 11 years successively, accounting for more than 60% of the market share. Its clients include general domestic and overseas automobile brands, such as Volkswagen, GM, Volvo, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, SAIC, Baw, GWM, and Chery as well as a lot of luxury automobile brands.

Tesla upgrades vehicle navigation in China for the first time

Tesla Model S realizes the navigation function by Google map in the USA, and chooses to use NavInfo in China. As person-in-charge of NavInfo indicates, NavInfo provides Chinese map data including Hong Kong and Macro to Tesla, and has already made customized navigation electronic map of Chinese version for Tesla, of which the newly added map and navigation system integrates the location information of Tesla super charging stations. Users are able to check the nearby charging facilities in the map, and go to the nearby charging station with the navigator. At present, there have been 34 super charging stations in China, and 600 destination charging stations. In addition, besides Model S brand new map and navigation upgrading, there is also system software v6.0, which brings new functions of voice control and calendar for the users. The brand new system updating of Tesla realizes perfect combination with NavInfo, which gives full play to the advantage of 17 inch super screen of Tesla, and makes Model S more intelligent. It brings more functions of information integration for users, the experience of which is much better than traditional automobiles. Besides the cooperation in map navigation, both Tesla and NavInfo indicate that they would communicate with each other for the possible cooperation trend with the hope of pushing forward the cooperation on more projects in the future.

Safe and stable local navigation with zero traffic volume

However, the navigation electronic map of Tesla in China is totally different from that used in America. The owners of Tesla in America use on-line connection for vehicle navigation, i.e.: map data downloading and navigation with 3G wireless communication technology.  In China, local map data and navigation is used.  The owners of Tesla can realize destination navigation without connecting 3G network during the driving, which avoids the instability brought on by 3G network and the huge consumption of traffic volume. It can not only ensure the map navigation without delay, but also enhance the road safety, which gives the drivers better navigation experience.

Tesla “upgrading in the air” updating map at anytime anywhere

Map data changes quickly, so that map updating is quite important for vehicle owners. “Updating in the air” (updating the map wirelessly by backstage server) is adopted by Tesla, so that vehicle owners can obtain the latest map data at the first time. It abandons the traditional approach of updating in 4S stores. The person-in-charge of Tesla introduces that NavInfo and Tesla would send the latest map data to the server in time, and the vehicle owners can download the map data to the local place only by connecting to 3G network or by WIFI. Meanwhile, Tesla provides special offer of 3G free use for 5 years for Chinese clients at the current stage.

Chinese authority of Tesla indicates that the newly ordered Tesla electro-mobiles have finished the downloading of map data. The owners can use it for free after getting the new car. The owners who purchase the vehicles previously can have the access to network directly, and receive the data push and update of Tesla server. They can also ask the staff in Tesla service center for the downloading.

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