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Mapscape B.V
Mapscape BV, located in the Eindhoven of province Noord-Brabant in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, became the wholly owned subsidiary of NavInfo since 2011. The customers of Mapscape include many famous European navigation system operators, LBS providers, map data suppliers, dynamic information provider, OEMs. As the key member of NDS association Mapscape focuses on the NDS based software development and providing high quality compilation services. Besides this business Mapscape also provides integrated content from the raw data and a range of services, including content aggregation, connected services, product tests, product certification, and quality improvement.

CenNavi Technologies Co.,Ltd.
As a subsidiary of NavInfo, CenNavi is a professional Chinese dynamic traffic information service provider. With its deep understanding of China’s road traffic conditions and of customer needs, maintaining its technical advantages in the collection, processing, optimization and release, etc. of dynamic traffic information, CenNavi has reliable and perfect operation supportive system and provides travel information and services with the highest quality and the best user experience to make the travel of people more convenient.

NAV2 (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai NAV2, a joint venture founded by NavInfo and Nokia L&C, is committed to providing high-quality digital navigable maps, LBS (Location Based Service) solutions, and GIS (Geographic Information System) services for the top automobile OEMs, automotive-electronics suppliers, telecommunications operators, mobile phone / PND manufacturers, and other internationally well-known manufacturers of terminal equipment and providers of software and Internet platforms in the world. The NAV2navigable digital maps available incorporate Nokia L&C specific map attributes and are newly prepared by Beijing NavInfo and is committed to providing customers with first-class service and the excellent navigable maps in China.

China Navi System Co., Ltd
In 2004, NavInfo and Toyota Tsusho—a world’s top 500 enterprise under Toyota, established a joint venture to be specializing in the distribution of Chinese navigable map legally produced by NavInfo, and provide system service for the vehicle navigation device manufacturers in Chinese market.

Anyo-NavInfo was invested and established jointly by Shanghai Automotive Information Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (SAIC Information) and NavInfo in 2004, indicating a new mode of business cooperation between automotive group and geographic information service provider. Relying on the advantages in resources of SAIC and NavInfo, Anyo-NavInfo engages in the sales, compiling of digital navigable map, dynamic traffic information and customized map, and becomes a professional map information value-added service provider. Anyo-NavInfo provides map information and supporting derivative services for Chinese automative enterprises like SAIC, and is striving to become a first-class brand in China and even in the world.

Beijing Tuxun Fengda Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Established jointly by NavInfo and Toyota in 2012, Tuxun Fengda provides more reliable, more convenient and higher quality Chinese vehicle navigation map update service and integrated remote vehicle information service. The Company has set up a set of rapid product update system to optimize the timeliness of map data. The Company has effectively improved user’s experience in navigation application by acquiring information rapidly, processing fastly and providing a new online map update method featured by smaller data size, faster transmission and more effective update range. The Company will fully develop the business of navigation map and value-added service in the automotive sector, thoroughly change the current mode of navigation map application and update service in China and fully improve the quality of map product to build a new era of navigation map service and further promote popularity of vehicle navigation application.

China Satellite Navigation and Communications Co., Ltd.
Estalished in July 2004, China Satellite Navigation and Communications Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in satellite navigation & positioning and informaiton service. With headquarters in Beijing, the Company has set up 11 provincial branches in Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu, etc. With operation and service network throughout the whole China, the Company is one of the largest satellite navigation & positioning service providers in China, and provides satellite navigation & positioning services for more than 100,000 vehicles. At present, the Company has developed the geographic information system platform with independent intellectual property rights, easy-travel location could service platform and easy-travel series navigation monitoring terminal and many other software and hardware products. The Company provides efficient and safe monitoring service for traffic, public security and other government regulatory authorities as well as the industries including passenger transport, cargo transport, hazardous and chemical product transportation, banking, tobacco and coal, and provides sophisticated complete information technology solutions for logistics, government public vehicles, engineering vehicles, mobile marketing personnel management, etc.

China Trans Geomatics Co., Ltd.
China Trans Geomatics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in high-tech industrial application. With Class-A qualification for surveying and mapping, the Company has passed the authentification of high-tech enterprise, double-soft enterprise and ISO management system, and has introduced advanced technologies from foreign countries based on independent research and development of core technology. The Company has undertaken some major national projects, the National “863” Program, the Western China program of the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and other major scientific research programs. The Company has set up a complete set of production-learning-research cooperation mechanism, built the jont laboratory and established long-term stable cooperative relationship with a number of well-known universities and enterprises. The Company is endeavoring to centralize its superior resources and grasp the market opportunities to achieve the promotion of spatial information in the industries of transportation, marine, water conservancy, land resources and electric power, etc.

TIANDITU is the website providing “one-stop” geospatial information services to personal users, enterprises, professional agencies and governments via networks such as Internet, mobile communication network, Intranet, etc. It is the National Platform for Common GeoSpatial Information Services, which is created by National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China (NASG) as an important part of the geospatial framework for digital China aims at promoting the geographic information resources sharing, and improving the ability and efficiency for services. Website users can browse maps, locate places, measure distances or areas, plan car driving routes, while professional users can access various TIANDITU’s service resources via standardized interfaces for value-added services and applications.

Siwei Worldview Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Invested and established jointly by China Siwei Surveying & Mapping Technology Co., Ltd., DigitalGlobe and NavInfo Co., Ltd., the Company is a high-tech enterprise with high-resolution satellite image application development as its main operations. The Company boasts the exclusive distribution right for QuickBird, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2, which are the currently world’s most technologically advanced high-resolution satellites. Oriented by the high-resolution satellite imaging technology, the Company has integrated the technologies of Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides integrated services like satellite-based remote sensing data, remote sensing information value-added services, spatial information consulting services and satellite remote sensing supporting technology, etc. by relying on the powerful strength of its Chinese and foreign shareholders.