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NavInfo(Shenzhen Stock Exchange code: 002405), China's leading provider of digital map, telematics and dynamic traffic information service and the big data vertical application service based on positions, has been consistently committed to offering professional and high-quality geographical information products and services to global customers. Over a decade’s development, NavInfo has become a large group corporation owning 9 wholly-owned companies, 11 holding companies and 6 joint stock companies. Moreover, As China’s largest digital map provider and the three in the world, both its products and services have been fully met the diversified requirements in such areas as automotive and consumer electronics navigation, Internet and mobile Internet, government and enterprise applications. While in the global marketplace, NavInfo’s digital map, dynamic traffic information and vehicle network service have gained widespread recognition and be well received from numerous clients home and abroad.
  • In the digital map area, NavInfo has been always paying attention to the integration and release of geographical information data in the age of big data. The more commercial value behind the data could be excavated extensively by focusing on developing geographical data and setting up the clouds platform based on geographical information data. The digital map of NavInfo has consistently led China’s in-dash navigation market for ages, which has the coverage of orders from mainstream automakers such as BMW, VW, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Volvo, Ford, SAIC, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot Citroen; with the cooperation and win-win commercial model, it has occupied over 50% market share in consumer electronics, Internet and mobile Internet markets, which contains thousands of website and mobile phone maps like Baidu map, Sogou map, Nokia map, Mapbar, and Tianditu etc.. The daily user volume to access our data via various channels has exceeded 150 million. Furthermore, NavInfo is the first map manufacturer in China and third in the world, to be awarded TS16949 quality certification, and the first Chinese map manufacturer to launch pedestrian navigation maps. What is more, it has achieved technology breakthroughs and put the technology into application in the areas of voice, high-precision, indoor navigations and 3D navigation. In 2012, NavInfo has become the exclusive company so far that has NDS compilation technology and provides NDS based navigation map as well. By doing so, it has established an advantageous position to compete for the potential cooperation opportunity with international main automotive factories for years to come.
  • In the area of dynamic traffic information service, NavInfo has the most extensive and highest quality service system, which has built up a service network that covers more than 30 major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. The high quality service has been stably performed for 5 consecutive years and available around clock. With the leading superiority in technology and market and the support of the largest floating car data platform, the enormous dynamic traffic data has been integrated, which finally make it possible for NavInfo to provide colorful intelligent travel information such as traffic jam and traffic accidents information, transportation forecast, dynamic parking lot and dynamic flight information. Its success in providing the service for Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai Exposition in 2010 has proved that NavInfo is now the top runner in China’s dynamic navigation area.
  • In the area of vehicle network service, NavInfo has established the application service system specialized for passenger and commercial vehicles. It is committed to become the international Telematics solution provider and the leading domestic Telematics service operator, thus comprehensively participating in the market competition of vehicle network and Telematics. In 2011, Based on the clouds service platform of modularization vehicle network, customized platform built up, contents managements, navigation service, operation and maintenance for vehicle network as well as ‘one stop’ service solution, ‘Fundrive’(telematics brand) is launched initially by NavInfo and push forward to make the transformation from content provider to both content and service provider. To date, NavInfo has already or will provide service soon for projects of the main automotive factories like Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and the Great Wall. Besides, it has embedded some functions of ‘fundrive’ into BMW iDrive III in 2012. This is the significant milestone in the progress of commercial application of NavInfo vehicle network service.
  • Supported by 4 R&D centers located respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Shenyang and 35 local data collection and technology service bases, NavInfo has developed the core technology and tool software with 100% intellectual property rights through continuously independent R&D and innovation. By 2012, NavInfo has undertaken and participated in enacting over 30 national navigation standards, applied for 292 patents with 63 authorized and 168 software copyright registrations.
  • the management of NavInfo has been strict to the benchmark of supreme international enterprises. And it has achieved an overall development of management by getting listed in the stock market.
    In the future, by forging national supreme comprehensive geographical information clouds platform which could further consolidate the leading position in the industry and taking advantage of existing strengths to master new core technology rapidly, NavInfo can develop a clear, well laid-out and sustainable business portfolio and gain the leading position in the area of geographical information service. On the other hand, by getting hold of the opportunity of the emerging industry in the Internet, new energy automotive and BeiDouS, we firmly believe that we will become an internationally competitive and the nationally leading comprehensive geographical information service provider.