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Unique Technical Innovation Ability
NavInfo has been maintaining its independent technical innovation since its establishment. It has independently developed China’s first set of navigable map manufacturing technology, dynamic traffic information processing and release technology, Telematics technology, and other core technologies of the industry. For the first time in the world, it developed NDS map products and put them into commercial application in 2012. It has gained technological leading position in high-precision navigable map, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), and other areas.
The company has an innovation team with members who have more than ten years of research experience and who are young and highly educated and qualified. It is also a multi-cultural team with its members from the U.S., U.K., Germany and Holland. The core technological staff has many years of work experience in vehicle digital navigable map, surveying & mapping engineering, and geographical information system integration.
By the end of 2012, the company has applied for more than 300 patents, and has got 63 of them approved. The company has undertaken 15 projects funded by the central government and local governments (three State Industrialization projects, two 863 Projects, and one project of core electronic devices, high-end generic chips and basic software). Among these achievements, the “High-Tech Industrialization Demonstration Project of Satellite Digital Navigable Map”, the “Construction and Industrialization Demonstration Project of Fast Digital Navigable Map Incremental Update System” and other three projects have been finished and passed the acceptance. The “Research and Development of Three Dimensional City Street Map Data Acquisition Device and Processing System”, the “Beidou System-based High-Precision Location Information Data Service Platform” and other eight special projects are carried out as planned. The company is the industry standard maker for many items. It serves as the vice chairman of the ITS Standardization Administration of China, the deputy leader of the special technology system group for the standard research and preparation of the satellite navigation application system, and the deputy leader of the traffic information service group. The company is responsible for compiling 12 national standards, including the Technical Regulations for Vehicle Navigation Geographic Data Acquisition and Processing and the Navigation Geographic Data Model and Exchange Format. The company won 1 first prize and 3 second prizes of the National Surveying and Mapping Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize and 1 second prize of the Satellite Navigation and Positioning Science and Technology Award, 2 second prizes of the Geographical Information Science and Technology Progress Award. It was also awarded “Pei Xiu” gold medal by the Chinese Society of Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography for its geographical works, “High-tech Industrialization Ten-year Achievement Award” by the National Development and Reform Committee as well as other honors.

High Product Quality
The accuracy and promptness of data are the keys for the quality of navigable map products. NavInfo always values the map quality. It applies the methods of sampling and field test, and has established a set of strict product inspection system and process. The company is the China’s first and the world’s third map producer that has passed TS16949 (the International Automotive Industry Quality Management System) authentication. It strictly follows the requirements of TS16949 and Automotive SPICE and implements strict quality control in the whole process of digital navigable map production. The promptness of data update is another key element in the quality control of digital navigable map. At present, the navigable map of China still cannot be updated in time, resulting in the failure of adapting the fast development of China’s road information. The company has been conducting technical research and test concerning the fast update of navigable map since many years ago, and has made progress in the phasal sense. The achievements are expected to put into commercial application later, which will hold the leading position of the company’s products.
NavInfo has built up 35 outside-industry bases (including Hong Kong) in China, possessing more than 600 staff members for the outside-industry data acquisition and more than 100 vehicles. It has self-developed high-precision data acquisition vehicles for collecting panoramic image data, reaching-road-surface image data, sub-meter level high-precision GPS data, low distance laser radar for road test, and other high-precision data. These lay a solid foundation for the laser-based 3D modeling and the development of high-level navigable subsidiary functions. Meanwhile, NavInfo has built up a set of system for fast update of products in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of map data. Through fast acquisition of technical information and fast processing, the products would have a fast response to update and ultimately improve its promptness.
TS16949: It is an industry requirement for the quality system released by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in March 2002 and serves as a technical standard for international automotive industry. A technical standard for automotive industry is added into the requirement based on the ISO9001.
Automotive SPICE: Automotive SPICE stands for the Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination in the automotive industry. There are six levels in the Automotive SPICE, from 0 to 5. Till now, rare enterprises have been certified as the first or second level by the industry in China.

Strong Market Awareness
Since its establishment, the company has been maintaining a market-and-customer oriented belief to lead the development of the industry. It takes the lead in every step in promoting new products and services to meet the needs of the market. In 2002, the company developed China’s first commercialized navigable map and became the first navigable map provider for vehicle firms. In 2006, it became China’s first navigable map supplier for mobile terminals. In 2007, for the first time in China, it provided dynamic traffic information services for domestic customers. In 2009, it released the first pedestrian navigable map product. In 2011, it promoted the Telemaitics Fun Drive for the first time in China. In 2012, it released the first voice and ADAS navigable map data, and with the world-class leading technical advantages, it developed NDS map products and compiling tools, and became the only data company in the world which can provide compiling technologies in NDS-standard format, high-quality NDS navigable map, and NDS-based increment and update technologies at the same time. This enables the company to become an important promoter for the development of navigable map in the next generation.

Space-and-Land-Integrated Geographic Information Data Service Ability

NavInfo, as a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), possesses the unique ways and abilities of acquiring multi-geographic information resources in the industry. The company has rich geographic information resources including geographical remote sensing images, integrated map data, and integrated navigable data. Through focusing on the research and development of geographic information and establishing geographic information data cloud platform, it intends to realize the storage of geographic information data with great capacity, the integration of multi-source data, and the fast release of data; and to create the Beijing-centered, country-covered Chinese digital navigable map database with high currency, high precision and high accuracy. NavInfo has created a series of highly competitive geographic information products and services and has gained wide application in the market.